COVID Care Packages

The Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network partners with the

LASCO Chin Foundation to distribute COVID Care Packages 

JDTAN and Lasco Chin Foundation

COVID Care Package partnership announcement

The world is currently in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. As every country grapples with managing the fallout of this shared crisis, the Diaspora is still very committed to providing support to Jamaica in whatever way feasible. 

The Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN) is partnering with the LASCO Chin Foundation (LCF) to bolster their COVID-Care Package distribution program. The package is designed to help sustain at-risk youths and their families in the most vulnerable areas and communities and will provide sanitation and personal care products to help prevent further spread of the virus, food items to supplement families that need it and fresh produce in partnership with local Farmers. 

COVID Care Packages will be distributed in the communities the LASCO Chin Foundation currently serves and other communities in partnership with local community groups across Jamaica. 

Maxine Simpson, a Farmer and Community Leader in the Mcnie community of St Ann stated: “This is great hope for the people in need. It will be a blessing for elder members of the community, shut-ins, large families with many children, those with low income or a loss of income who will have a hard time affording items at this time. I live among the people, seeing their daily struggle and the surprise of COVID-19 and how things have slowed down.  I feel the pain of everyone. We are very grateful for any assistance.” 

We invite you to sponsor the donation of a COVID Care Package to a family or multiple families in need. The cost to sponsor a single COVID Care Package is $25 US. Organizations or groups that would like to sponsor a large number of packages to specific communities can email, 

The COVID Care Package Program is also supported by the: Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations USA, Inc. (UJAA), Jamaica Alumni Association of High Schools (JAAHS), JWN Foundation, Sandals Foundation, Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF),  Operation Save Jamaica (OSJ) among others. 

In these times, now more than ever, any support that we can afford to provide to those in the most desperate need will make a big impact.  We can get through this together with your generous support.  To sponsor a COVID Care Package visit or click on the buttons below. 

For further information, contact: Sherie DavisChair,  Jamaica Diaspora COVID Relief 810-4037 

COVID Care Package Contents: Corned Beef,  mackerel, sausage, corn, mixed vegetables, tea mix, cornflakes, porridge, crackers, porridge, , water,  juice drink, milk powder, macaroni, oats, vinegar, beans, ketchup, vegetable oil, paracetamol, vitamins,  B, multi symptom tabs, disinfectant cleaner, antibacterial soap, soap powder, bar soap, toothpaste, maxipads, fresh fruits and vegetables . *Each package will value US$25 or more and will contain the items listed above or alternatives based on availability.

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Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network - JDTAN

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