Health Taskforce

The Jamaica Diaspora Health Task Force was formed with the vision of a healthy Jamaican society. As part of its mission, the task force adopted two priority focus areas consistent with that expressed by Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton: The Adopt-A-Clinic initiative; and nursing workforce development specific to specialty care areas. Through a variety of venues and media, the task force has communicated and engaged with diaspora and non-diaspora U.S. organizations, as well as to individuals to raise awareness and to galvanize the support of the initiatives.

The Health Task Force is committed to engaging with the government of Jamaica, the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaicans in the diaspora both here and abroad to achieve excellent health and wellness that we all deserve.

Published by Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network - JDTAN

Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network - JDTAN

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