Youth Outreach Taskforce

About the Jamaica Diaspora Youth Outreach Task Force #JDYOTF

Our 1st task is to IMPROVE SELF ESTEEM, SELF WORTH, SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE to stimulate the dreams and imagination within our youth which will INCREASE vision and REDUCE crime! We will also seek to identify TRAUMA and match mental and physical RESOURCES that can channel the seeds of abuse, aggression, anger, fear, hurt, rejection, etc into seeds of love, happiness, healing & hope.

 Our 2nd task is to bring AWARENESS to global climate and the importance of planting trees!

To complete our tasks we will be connecting with organizations, schools, resources etc in Jamaica to identify NEEDS and BRIDGE THE GAP to provide RESOURCES needed to our YOUTH & their families!

Published by Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network - JDTAN

Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network - JDTAN

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