Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-June 16th

Session Information
Opening Ceremony
(Live Broadcast)
MC: Power 106 Broadcaster, Dervan Malcom plus
keynotes and greetings from Diaspora Leaders and Partners
Presenter Bios
(10 AM US ET)
Meet The Worldwide Diaspora
(Live Broadcast)
Jamaicans are everywhere! Literally.
Learn about the various organizations all across the globe
Bios and Org information
(11 AM US ET)
Heroes in Education
(Live Broadcast)
This session will cover the many areas where Education
impacts lives and communities throughout the Diaspora.
This is a different look at what contributes to the strength of Education of students and Teachers
Speaker Bios
(12 PM US ET)
(1 PM US ET)
Jamaica’s Deaf and Other Abled Communities
(Live Broadcast)
Developing a culture of Inclusion: Bringing awareness to the challenges and empowering the Deaf and Other Abled Communities In Jamaica.
Speaker Bios
(2 PM US ET)
Youth Leadership across the Diaspora
(Live Broadcast)
This panel discussion will highlight the efforts of Youth leaders across the Caribbean region. Learn about the Caribbean Tree Planting Project, the Kingston Shapers, the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, and Youth Policy Advocacy and Leadership Task Force. Here are four opportunities for youth to participate in building their communities.
Speaker Bios
(3 PM US ET)
Legal Forum – Be in the Know
(Live Broadcast)
The Legal Sectors Support Taskforce will provide legal information that is vital to those inside the Diaspora. Topics include: Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate, Family and Immigration. The panel consists of attorneys practicing in United States and Jamaica. Our focus will be to keep the Diaspora in the know.
Session Details and Bios
(4 PM US ET)
Media and the Diaspora
(Live Broadcast)
During this discussion, we hope to answer the following questions: How do you get information out to the Jamaican diaspora community? What types of media platforms are available? Is the media reaching 2nd and 3rd generation Jamaicans?
Speaker Bios
(5 PM US ET)
Health: Making a difference through Collaboration
(Live Broadcast)
A celebration of achievements in healthcare progress through collaboration between the Diaspora and the Jamaican Healthcare system. Identifying healthcare needs across Jamaica, and developing a vision for future collaboration in bringing good health and excellent healthcare to ALL Jamaicans
Speaker Bios
(6 PM US ET)
The Future Job Industry:
From Finding Opportunities to Building Networks

(Live Broadcast)
Discussion around the Future of Work.
Positioning Yourself for Opportunities, and the Value of Networking
Speaker Bios
(7:30 PM US ET)
Citizen Security and Safety
(Live Broadcast)
Opportunity to hear from Jamaica regarding the Citizen Security Plan (CSP) and any gaps in the plan that the Diaspora can help fill.
Speaker Bios
(8:30 AM US ET)
Closing Session
(Live Broadcast)
The 13 hour day ends with performances and a brand new poem
performed in honor of Diaspora Day
Performer Bios
(10 PM US ET)

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