The Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN) uses a collaborative approach to engage, and mobilize the Jamaican Diaspora to join forces and support Jamaica in achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Jamaica Vision 2030.

It started with Education and Agriculture and has expanded to 15 defined sectoral areas, all focused on projects supporting the broad development themes of Crime, Climate and Economic Resilience.

Over the next 10 years, Jamaica, the Caribbean and the rest of the world, will need to position itself for a sprint to year 2030, making every year count in achieving these ambitious goals to better humanity and our planet. Jamaicans in the Diaspora will join with Jamaica on this sprint.

Jamaican Diaspora Task Forces were established in August 2013, and are a plug and play sectoral based engagement model that allows the Diaspora to easily: mobilize, collaborate, identify needs, provide resources, and build capacity


Jamaica Diaspora Taskforces

Agriculture Task ForceKimone Gooden
Arts Culture and Entertainment Task ForceKaren Henry (Vice Chair)
Awards and Recognition Task ForceShirnett Bailey
Behavioral Health Task ForceDr. Grethel Bradford
Citizen Security and Safety Task Force Rukie Wilson
COVID Response Task ForceSherie Davis
Education Task Force Dr. Dwayne Dyce
Lesleyann Samuel
Education UK Task ForceSeymour Mattis
Environment and Climate Resilience Task ForceLavern Kitson
Stephen Snider
Health Task ForceDr. Beverly Gordon
Legal Sector Support and Immigration Task ForceMichelle Fanger
Learning and Development Task ForceOrtavia Manning
Parenting and Other Abled Persons EmpowermentShirnett Bailey
Technology and Entrepreneurship Task ForceNoreen Turner
Sherie Davis
Youth Outreach Task ForceDonna Morton
Youth Policy Advocacy Leaders Task ForceScherie Murray

SDG Alignment

About Taskforces

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