Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-WW Diaspora Orgs

Worldwide Jamaica Diaspora Orgs Jamaicans are everywhere! Literally. Learn about the various organizations all across the globe Bios and Org Detail Australia- Anna Chambers Group Logo- Jamaican Association of Australia Bio My name is Anna Chambers and I am currently the Acting President of the Jamaican Association of Australia. I live in Sydney, I amContinue reading “Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-WW Diaspora Orgs”

Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-Legal Forum

Legal Forum – Be in the know The Legal Sectors Support Taskforce will provide legal information that is vital to those inside the Diaspora. Topics include: Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate, Family and Immigration. The panel consists of attorneys practicing in United States and Jamaica. Our focus will be to keep the Diaspora inContinue reading “Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-Legal Forum”

Jamaica Diaspora Day Live Online-Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Session This panel discussion will highlight the efforts of Youth leaders across the Caribbean region. Learn about the Caribbean Tree Planting Project, the Kingston Shapers, the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, and Youth Policy Advocacy and Leadership Task Force. Here are four opportunities for youth to participate in building their communities. Speaker Bios