Youth Outreach Taskforce

About the Jamaica Diaspora Youth Outreach Task Force #JDYOTF Our 1st task is to IMPROVE SELF ESTEEM, SELF WORTH, SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE to stimulate the dreams and imagination within our youth which will INCREASE vision and REDUCE crime! We will also seek to identify TRAUMA and match mental and physical RESOURCES that canContinue reading “Youth Outreach Taskforce”

Technology and Entrepreneurship Taskforce

The purpose of the Technology & Entrepreneurship Task Force is to: Support an increase in domestic technology research, development and innovation. Facilitate access to and promote investment in clean and renewable energy research. Increase the number of research and development workers. Promote efficient use of energy sources, position infrastructure to maximize effective energy usage. PromoteContinue reading “Technology and Entrepreneurship Taskforce”

Health Taskforce

The Jamaica Diaspora Health Task Force was formed with the vision of a healthy Jamaican society. As part of its mission, the task force adopted two priority focus areas consistent with that expressed by Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton: The Adopt-A-Clinic initiative; and nursing workforce development specific to specialty care areas. ThroughContinue reading “Health Taskforce”

Behavior Health Taskforce

The purpose of the Jamaican Diaspora Behavioral Health Task Force is to: Disseminate evidence-based information about behavioral health and wellbeing. Enhance and facilitate sustainable behavioral health services to individuals living in Jamaica through collaboration with Jamaican healthcare providers, government agencies, community organizations, schools, churches, and other relevant persons. Perform ongoing needs assessment for innovative andContinue reading “Behavior Health Taskforce”

Agriculture Taskforce

The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force (JDAT) was established after the Diaspora conference last year for individuals and organizations in the Diaspora and Jamaica to combine forces and make a positive impact on Jamaica’s Agriculture Sector. JDAT is committed to: Promoting and accelerating organic and sustainable farming practices Food Security Creating new markets for JamaicanContinue reading “Agriculture Taskforce”

Education Taskforce

The Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force (JDETF), came out of the 5th Biennial Diaspora Conference held in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2013, under the leadership of Leo Gilling the past Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the West/Mid-West USA. The JDETF is determined that partnership and collaboration with stakeholders in the Diaspora and in Jamaica, beContinue reading “Education Taskforce”

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